Bunutan is a village cluster on the northeast coast of Bali, south of Amed. It consists of several bays and mountains. The capital of the province of Karangasem, Amlapura, can be reached in about 40 minutes by car. Bunutan is located 20 km as the crow flies from the crater of Gunung Agung. the volcano, which, as of mid-September, seems to have woken up after 53 years of hibernation.

The people in Bunutan all work directly or indirectly in the tourist industry: fishermen, cooks, hotel staff, restaurant staff, shopkeepers, beach sellers, homestay owners, tourist guides, drivers, masseurs and dive instructors are the most common occupations. In addition, Bunutan is home to some 800 refugees from areas threatened by the volcano.

This website intends to draw attention to their precarious situation and to collect funds to help the people of Bunutan. The aid projects are short-, medium- and long-term, encompassing food, personal care products and hygiene for the evacuees, helping to market the holiday area of ​​Bunutan, helping to build sustainable tourism, granting small loans to small businesses, supporting education and training and help with solutions in the waste disposal area.

The authors of this website and initiators of the aid projects for Bunutan, Ines Abraham and Roy Hitchman are Swiss nationals, living in Bunutan.