Bunutan, a small fisherman's village in eastern Bali, is in trouble. Mount Agung, impressive 3030 meters tall, landmark of Bali, seat of the gods and active volcano, has awakened after 53 years of sleep. Although the village of Bunutan is not directly threatened by a volcanic eruption, it is, like the whole region of Amed, facing a major economic crisis.

The Amed region in the province Karangasem is largely dependent on tourism. The tourists are, however, unsettled by the media coverage, which is characterized by sales-promotion and lurid headlines rather than by factual and detailed information. Result: The hotels and restaurants are empty, people lose their jobs, the dyncamically emerging region is on the verge to fall back into poverty.

This situation may continue for many years. Years, which could change everything for the people of Bunutan.

These are their stories.